Guru Har Rai Gurgaddi Diwas 2023 Wishes | Greetings

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Guru Har Rai Gurgaddi Divas 2023

Join us in commemorating the 379th Gurgaddi Gurpurab of Sri Guru Har Rai Ji, the virtuous and compassionate leader who graced us with his divine presence. This day marks the anniversary of his ascension to the throne of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, succeeding his grandfather Guru Hargobind Ji in 1644.

Event Date: 19th March, 2023

Born in the sacred city of Kirtpur Sahib, Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji’s early years were spent imbibing the wisdom of Sikhism and learning about the world. A deeply spiritual being, he had a profound connection with nature and all living beings, which shone through his actions and way of life.

As the seventh Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Har Rai Ji continued his forefathers’ legacy, spreading the message of love, equality, and compassion to all. His patronage of the arts was unmatched, and he encouraged the development of music, poetry, and other creative expressions of devotion.

Guru Har Rai Ji’s medical knowledge was extensive, and his healing abilities were well-known. He established hospitals and dispensaries to serve the underprivileged, and his generosity knew no bounds. His followers revered him for his humility and kindness, and his teachings continue to inspire and guide us today.

On the momentous occasion of Guru Har Rai Gurgaddi Diwas 2023, let us honor his legacy and strive to live by his teachings. Let us spread love and compassion to all, and work towards building a world that is free from prejudice and discrimination. Let us remember Guru Har Rai Ji’s words, “Let no one suffer in vain, let no one go hungry, let no one be left behind,” and let us live up to his ideals.

Short Biography of Guru Har Rai

Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji (1630–1661) (7th Nanak) were born at Kirtpur Sahib. Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji ascended the throne of Guru Nanak Dev Ji from their grandfather Guru Hargobind Ji in 1644.

He was the youngest son of Baba Gurdita Ji and Mata Nihal Kaur. (Baba Gurdita was the eldest son of Guru Hargobind Ji). He had an elder brother Dhir Mall.

Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji married at the age of 10 Mata Krishen Ji and had 2 Sons Baba Ram Rai and Guru Harkrishan Ji (1656–1664). They also adopted a daughter called Bibi Roop Kaur. On becoming the Sikhs 7th guru Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji were left with a vast array of soldiers horses and weapons. Even though his grandfather Guru Hargobind Ji (1595–1644) had fought 4 battles they insisted to their grandson that he should not engage in any warfare but continue the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.




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